What do you want to know? Eh? I am but a woman in her mid 40's.. and though at times that age
 bothers me... other times I am like 'woohoo.. I am free'.. I have no idea why I feel that way.. but I do..

I have two wonderful children.. adults now.. in their 20's.. both very happy and well rounded.. each
full of their own whims and thoughts.. I will eventually link their web pages to my own.

I will have various links here that I hope everyone can enjoy to one extent or another.. feel free to
email  me at: willow@willowdreams.net  if there is something you want to ask me or for me to share
 on this site..

Mostly what you will see is links to html sites I love.. help sites.. Paint Shop Pro help sites for
tubes.. brushes.. and frames.. as well as tutorials. You will also find links to some of
my favorite authors/books and music/groups that I really enjoy quite a bit.

Enjoy my site!